Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December

Just on cue the snow began on December 1st here in Denver 

 I'm certain I heard Christmas music,
 and possibly sleigh bells this morning as I awoke.

There is nothing quite so beautiful as fresh snow, falling gently in the early morning.
I'm inspired, and have decorated for Christmas!

There are wreaths and garland,
pine sprays and berries

There are apothecary jars filled with vintage Christmas ornaments
a snow-girl-angel with a banner which says

I have my cinnamon flavored tea and my first Christmas cookies,
baked by my friend Barb,
all yummy and chewy with white chocolate and cherries and nuts!

There is a stack of Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers,
 awaiting some creative gift wrapping . . . 

I've challenged my ultra-creative
and very "green" daughter to a creative-wrapping duel!
We'll try to out do each other in the recycling of
 beautiful fabrics,
vintage papers,
 antique ribbons, 
and a wealth of gorgeous and up-cycled 
 innovative packages!

Be sure to see Kellie's blog:
for a chuckle at her escapades.

More to follow, as we attempt to get on with the challenge

Happy December!

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