Wednesday, June 27, 2012

See Our Brand new Store

Yes . . . 

I'm back to blogging again
following a hiatus 
while I recovered from the best show I've ever had!

Old Glory 

The new venture I've been working on was premiered at the show:

Dwell Antiques & Home

It was a huge success, and the compliments were awesome.


With new partners Kellie Brown and Melanie Everhart,
Joy will be opening
 a second shop!


While I continue to grow and upgrade my inventory 
Greenwood Village, Colorado,

we three will create a fresh and innovative shop
in the same neighborhood.

(Yep - Joy will be at both locations)

As you may imagine, this is quite a challenge
with the beautiful boutiques and antiques shops already in the area!

We're working hard to design a store you'll want to visit on a regular basis.
We want to energize and excite you.
We want to be the place you visit whenever you have the urge to be inspired!

It is our dream to present you with a joyful environment
where you can breathe in the ambience
and release all the stresses

bask in a peaceful and pleasant
shopping experience

and have your spirit refreshed

We are juggling the brick and mortar facility
our website/online store
we prepare
special place.

There are weeks and weeks of preparation before we'll be ready. . . 
we're working hard for you!

(you get the picture)

I'll keep you posted, right here . . . 
you can follow us at the
Dwell blog

Come Visit!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't Miss The Fun

Joy says:
"Find a way 
to get to the show!"

Old Glory Antiques Fair
this weekend
Clement Park
Colunbine neighborhood

Friday 9-5
Sat 9-4

(I'd get there at 8:30 Friday morning, 
if I was you)

Best Show!!
Best Dealers!!
Best Antiques!!

Best get there!!

Don't miss the fun!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Is This Woman Up To Now???

It's a little confusing, but I'm just one person, 
attempting to do several things at the same time, 
and to do them all correctly
 I've become something like an onion.

There are suddenly many layers of Joy.

My legal business status
 is my limited liability company
Antiques by Joy.

(Hence, the blog you're reading . . .

Antiques by Joy
I do business in several locations.

I have a delightful shop in a sweet neighborhood 
in which I sell all the treasures I search out and drag home.
The shop is called
(you may follow Patina on facebook . . . )

My friend Deb and I have filled Patina
 to the brim
it's got it's limitations.
and parking lot-wise.

We have the perfect clientele,
and we love them oh so much!
They support us and love on us
it's a happy

But growth,
in this case,
requires additional space.
The landlord said, 
"no . . . you may NOT raise the roof to add a second floor".

I am opening another shop called
{like us on Facebook too!}
not so very far away from

Antiques by Joy
will be doing business 
two locations.

That's not so complicated.

You'll have even more fun shopping in 
two stores
that are filled to the brim with
found objects
home furnishings
luxurious treats!


There will be two new partners joining
Dwell Antiques & Home.

Melanie Everhart
Kellie Brown

which gives
 a new and exciting flair
 a fresh slant on providing
 an awesome shopping experience for you.

We believe you're going to like what we three are cooking up!

and . . . you can follow us 
on facebook 
and on our blog.

Until we're open in our brick and mortar shop,
you can see us at the 
Old Glory Antique Fair
Friday June 15th and Saturday June 16th
Clement Park
in the Columbine neighborhood;

and keep up with us at

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hunting and Gathering

It's early, but I'm on the road again

to seek and gather

some timeworn 



It's what I do.

dwell antiques & home

The news is 
and it's good!

I have been working alongside
 my friend
 Melanie Everhart and my friend, (and daughter), Kellie Brown,
for some time,
 to develop a fresh design concept 
and venue

We are proud to share our joyous news
with you today . . . 

dwell antiques & home

For the moment, dwell is a concept, 
without a brick and mortar
but our new location will be announced very soon.

We ladies have put together a business plan we're proud to share,
and we hope you'll follow us on facebook
and on our blog
until our sweet shoppe is open.

We're out collecting and compiling and editing,
(and doing our happy dance)
will share more details with you in a day or two!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moving the Goods

I'm working 
16 -18 hour
days now
 in a final countdown to the annual
 Old Glory Antique Fair 

I am treasure hunting, 

dragging home wonderful pieces, 
cleaning, repairing, repurposing, altering, painting, oiling/waxing/staining, 
 staging, embellishing, inventorying, 
wrapping, packing,

The sequence is amazing!
A simple piece of merchandise is found, 
handled and moved
 approximately 10 times before it is presented
 at a show.

It goes from it's original site to my truck, to my house to be cared for and prepared.
I have sent a full trailer load out to be worked on by other craftsmen,
 so those are reloaded and transported and unloaded
 and repaired or altered in some fashion. 

 They return to my truck, and then to my warehouse . . . 
then to my big truck or trailer . . .
transported to the show and placed in a stack,
moved under the tent
and finally displayed the way you'll see it.

Many hands touch and define the beauty
 and usability of a piece
before it's worthy of being in my shop
 or a show I'm doing.
Time is short and I have to get to work -

See you at the fair!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Transformation at Patina: Part 1

Late Thursday afternoon we began the daunting (but exciting!) task of completely re-doing Joy's half of the store at Patina.

Have you ever had an amazing, brilliant, wonderful idea that didn't quite work out? Well that was pretty much how the paint job went. Joy envisioned a wall that looked as if it had been painted a dozen times over a hundred year period, with layers peeling off and various colors and textures showing through. Beautiful, right?

We started by adding gray ("squirrel" was the name) over the original taupe and Joy tried her hand and blending it all together, but it was looking a little too sponge painted.

So a brown color was added on top of that...

...and more mixing ensued.

 But after many patient attempts and advice from a few late-afternoon customers,

 the wall was painted "squirrel..."

 ...then distressed with sandpaper and wallpaper brushes.

By the end of the night, we realized not much of the wall was left showing anyway, so I think the right decision was made. I absolutely love the color!

Have you been into Patina to see it yet? What did you think? Big difference, right!?

(More to follow on the transformation!)



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