Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Do You Choose Those Beloved Items?

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have 
little antique shops here in
 Denver Colorado
I manage to do because I have a partner at
Deb Platt
two partners at
Dwell Antiques & Home
Melanie Everhart and Kellie Sloan Brown.

Not to mention several excellent friends who manage to keep me rolling in a million ways!
(You know who you are)

We partners have individual styles and preferences and life experiences and dreams and goals
all in all we have a common desire to enjoy retailing our favorite things in the two shops.

I believe the visitors to our two shops are able to discover a variety of treasures,
old and new
that spark their interest
and get them 

We love to share with you when it comes to the
 stories and provenance
 we've learned about an object.

We are forthright in revealing the age of a treasure
the general location where it was found
whether it was 
mass produced
all that we can surmise about the object
from our years of life experience and study.

As shoppers, most of us purchase items based on a quick emotional tug.

We see something that appeals to some inner desire or memory.

"I want to be an organized person and this will help me."
"Oh ... my granny had one of those and it reminds me of those sweet times at her house!"
"That color makes me feel happy - and I want that 'pick me up'."

The items I personally buy for resale in my shops are 
often chosen
because of my own reflex emotional response to them.

There are those that tug at my heart and make me want to know their story,

there are those whose patina cries out to be touched, like a mellow old wooden bowl.

There are those whose color is particularly enchanting, with layers of age-old paint colors revealed.

There are those that someone has listed on our "wish lists".

Once in a while I'm the only one who sees beauty in a find.
That sweet little treasure might sit there for way too long, 

and I find myself doubting my ability.

Then, along comes the soulmate who reaches out and strokes that lil treasure
 and sighs
 and knows exactly what I saw in it.

When you stop in, whether it's in our brick and mortar shops or our Etsy shop,
we hope you'll connect with us.

That's what makes it all worthwhile!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Search

Once again, I'm on the road,

 searching for one of a kind and hard to find

 items for the shops.

I'll be pulling out 


early in the a.m.

It's one of my favorite challenges in the business :
putting on my favorite old jeans and hat, work gloves in my back pocket,
comfortable boots
coffee in the cupholder
music playing

On the road again

zigging and zagging cross country

to visit my favorite haunts

and some good ol' boy pickers.

The anticipation is amazing

envisioning the possibilities!

I love scouring through loads of tantalizing old treasures,

and sometimes some pretty strange salvage
(aka worthless junk)

hoping to find those special pieces


delight will my senses!




 expecting the mother lode

that sweet spot where I'll walk into a barn full of breathtaking antiquities

 to sort through


each piece more fascinating than the last


untouched for generations

each one in pristine condition when I blow off the dust


Undisturbed history

just waiting patiently for 


with all the stories buried along with the treasure



Excuse me,

 I was caught up in the dream again  


I'm back in reality

and I know it's tedious


heavy hauling

driving for hours and hours

day after day


and there are spiders and snakes and rusty nails and 
lions and tigers and bears

(It's just that I don't want you to envy me too much!)

I love to set off on a road trip
with miles before me
good music playing




 alive in my heart

Wish me luck!

Antiques By Joy
selling at
 Dwell Antiques & Home
Greenwood Village, Colorado

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dwell on the possibilities

I've been
looking back over the last year 
 my journey, thoughts and struggles
 expanding my antiques business.

A lot of prayer and calculation and heart searching went into the process.
Dreaming, sketching
more praying.

Dwell Antiques & Home 
opened in September of 2012

just south of Denver proper, 
5912 South University Boulevard
 Greenwood Village, Colorado

Three capable, determined women
each with a strong skill set 
decided to come together to create the dream.

 is not a typical antiques shop
 there are no hard and fast rules about what we collect and present.

We bring an ever changing collection of found objects from our forays  . . . 

items that have a mellow patina
 some special essence,

hoping that our clients will find DWELL an interesting and enchanting place to visit.

The ambiance we strive to create is one where you'd like to spend time perusing,
even when you're not looking for anything in particular.

We love it when you identify with an object and delight in it.

We'd like to invite you to visit,

to relax and stroll through the shop,


enjoy the music
 and the fragrance 

and the hand picked items that speak to our hearts.

Grab a coffee just 5 doors down


if you have time,
pull up a vintage stool or chair
chat with us awhile.

We're happy to give advice on styling your home 
in a way that reflects
what you're all about.

We'll make notes in the
 Wish Book 
about the things you're looking for,
and hunt for them on our journeys across the country.

We'll help you think outside the box when it comes to

"what do I do with the huge 16' expanse of wall"
"I want a headboard with charm"
"I need to work around the 9000" TV my hubby just brought home."

We love a challenge!

Come see us at Dwell Antiques & Home
Monday - Saturday

303-795-3454 Dwell Antiques
303-795-0816 Patina Antiques

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside


In the negative digits here in Colorado, and the windows are icing up
inside as well as outside!

This is a day for doing 
just what you feel like doing

and keeping warm and cozy in every possible way.

I'm taking to time to count my blessings.

It's the day for building a fire if you have a fireplace

 or cranking up the thermostat

and brewing a pot of
 Swiss almond coffee
 and baking brownies or homemade bread.

My vegetable soup is simmering

I've lit my delightful

and chosen a nice thick to novel to transport me.

My music is playing in the background

I have on an extra thick pair of ski socks


I'm enjoying the big leather chair and the mohair throw.

I'm feeling blessed
warm and cozy!

Hope you get to take advantage of the day
 and do
 whatever you wish.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Contentment", Said Grandmother

Contented New Year!


I wish you contentment!

My grandmother used to say that it was all in how you looked at life.

There is something to be said for that state where you look around you and smile
and know that 
no matter 
what's still on your
 bucket list
how many home improvements need to be accomplished
you are indeed
 blessed and content 
to be living at a level
 high above most of the world

in a country where we can 



purchase property

buy groceries

attend public school

express our opinions over the internet

cuddle our children 

choose a radio station

use the library

have our mail delivered

I am happy to be loved and to have friends.

I'm happy 
 to have 

hot running water and indoor plumbing and electricity

to be warm and protected from the elements

to be able to cozy up with a book and my tea and cookies

to have a phone and a computer and a car and work I love.

I'm delighted
to get to buy a new coat and mittens,
to give  Christmas presents to those whom I love.

I am blessed to be able to support those causes I believe in.

I'm at a peaceful place of recognizing that I have
 little to
 complain about
long for


I pray that you enjoy 
that rollicking
 feel good
 laughing till you can't breathe
stitch in the side
comes along once in awhile

What I think is even more significant
essential to our long term
 peace of mind
deep, cognizant sense of 
being content 
with all that we have

Thanks Grandma!


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