Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Real Joy . . .

real joy 
of my life is that I get to do what I love . . . every day.  

Not everyone can say that their work days are their "fun" days, or that they look forward to going to work.

I decided many years ago that I wanted to make a career out of the things I loved to do  . . . 
the things I would choose to do if I had a choice.

For me, owning a small business offers the challenges and fulfillment I desire.

I get to do the things that delight me.

I am stretched, tested and challenged in a way that confirms my abilities, builds my strength and makes me proud of my achievements.
Like an athlete who spends a lifetime disciplining the body, mind and spirit in order to compete effectively in competition,
there is a drive to excel for the sake of excellence in some area, in most of us.

That desire to experience, enjoy, master and share your love for your chosen interest will direct you to your
 real joy
 in life. 

Your passion may manifest itself in the love of pastry making or the joy of oil painting or the satisfaction of boat building
 - only you know where it lies -
but if you've got it - you've got it.

In our two South Denver antiques and home decor shops,
 we sell

creating a stylish and comfortable environment where customers connect emotionally with specially chosen pieces for their homes.

By combining a passion for history with a delight in hunting for the sort of pieces my customers long for - then connecting the two, the adventure, excitement, energy and rewards abound.

The magic is the satisfaction I derive from doing what I love.

I sell a cumulative package that is my accumulated knowledge, my practical experience, my wisdom, my intuition, my abilities, my gifts . . . . professional expertise.  

Identifying those elements of life that 
we're really good at 
and that
we never tire of 
the critical first step 
 finding your 
real joy 
in life.

In my next post we'll look at questions that will help you identify your passion and indicate whether you're cut out for being in business.

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