Friday, December 9, 2011

Continuing The Organizational Quest!

There has been some progress on the organizing front in the little workspace I think of as my studio.

Truth be told,
I must use this niche for creative space,
office space,
" hide the piles until the company is gone"

(Oh, you know what I'm talking about . . . 
don't even pretend you dont . . .)

I'm toting out boxes of half finished projects and broken items I told myself I would fix.
I've got bags and boxes of items ready for donation
and a couple of trash bags
as well . . . 
and a rather sizable stack of papers for shredding . . .

Where does this paper originate?

I have called and written and emailed every organization that sends me mail,
demanding to be removed from their mailing lists
and email lists.

(There are limits to what I can endure!)

I have organized and discarded magazines.
I have rearranged some furniture.
I have purged my bulletin board.
I feel so virtuous!

I'm rounding up
vintage jars 
to hold all the little messy bits of office supplies 
and crafty components!

There is such a sense of accomplishment
in such a small change.

Do I hear applause????

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