Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Patina's Shop Makeover

With the advent of my friend Anne retiring from Patina,
 I find myself with an 
additional amount of display space. 

 Like any change, this presents a challenge. 

1)  I could spread out my existing merchandise for a better look, 

2) I could bring in more pieces from my storage space,

3) I can do a total makeover of my shop.

Hmmmm . . . 

You know me, 
I generally go for the choice that will
 create the most havoc and brain stress,
present the biggest possible
fresh look.

So . . . 

Thursday afternoon, after Anne leaves us,

I will begin a total makeover.

There will be ladders and paint and man hours, coffee and wire and fabrics and furniture involved.
There will be a trailer, coffee, shelving, inventory and floorplans.
There will dedicated friends and family members with tools,
and coffee.

(There will, no doubt, be stress and wailing and wondering why I ever gave myself 12 hours to makeover so many square feet involving tons of merchandise.)

Hopefully, when the sun comes up, there will still be team members alive and speaking to me.

Kellie will be photographing the entire process and we'll get it blogged,
complete with "before" and "after" shots.
We want to present
 workshop for you.

This is just a teaser to engage you . . .
I hope you'll be curious
follow the progress
and see just what 
Joy is up 

I move on to prepping for the
 Old Glory Antiques Fair,
happening two weeks later.

So, watch the blog at
which is accessible by facebook as well.

I'll be pulling the curtains, 
but you can have a private look inside!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Blessings!

Here's to my dad, my uncles, my brother
 and to all of those who fought in wartime 
and served in non-war time,
to protect, liberate or defend 
our country
 or other countries
  who needed America.

Whether we are in favor of war
is not really the question.
In a perfect world,
 might not ever be necessary,
I believe those who were
proud, brave, strong, willing and able
have given us the nation
we enjoy today.

I come from a family of folks
 who may not have dreamed they'd ever have to go to war,
 but, who did it anyway when they were called.
It wasn't their career choice
as with some,
but they made themselves available,
answered the call
fought bravely
 were wounded
for America.

I'm saying thank you today
to all of you,
past, present and future.

God bless you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things are happening around here


I'm running out the door 
very early
this morning

coffee in hand

to meet a photographer


a designer

and I'll keep you posted!

Stay tuned to the blog for the next clue.

Monday, May 21, 2012


What's the freshest and newest decorating trend?
What can I do to update my home that's cost effective and quick?

These are questions I hear
every day
as customers enter the shop and begin to peruse the displays

There are some economic and simple changes you can make to quickly bring your home 
up to the minute.

Remove items from your counter tops, table surfaces and shelves.
Refresh those surfaces with a quick cleaning 
and replace no more than 1/3 of the items you previously stored or displayed there.
The items you re-display should be big, bold and clean lined.
Discard or store dried or silk flower arrangements.
Contain small items inside an attractive box.
Remove most of the photos.
Big impact!

If you're learning about display techniques, 
one simple theory is to display in multiples of three.
Whether it's your coffee table, mantle or a entertainment center shelf,
group three items and the symmetry is sweet.
On a mantle: lean a large mirror, and place a huge, shapely apothecary jar or vase slightly to the side.
In front of the mirror add a stack of beautiful antique leather bound books as a pedestal and feature a cherished memento atop the books, ( the giant seashell from your beach vacation or your grandfather's silver golfing trophy . . .)

Layer an assortment of textures: Begin your table top display with the table itself.
If it's glass, add a wooden bowl.  If it's wood, add a metal tray.  If it's metal, add a soft, nubby textile.
Think of a surface layered with beautiful opposites.
Then, on the second layer, contrast a third texture.
Wood, metal, fiber.
Metal, wood, ceramic.
Glass, wood, metal.
And so on.

The hottest textures are currently: a.) galvanized metal, (think mop bucket gray tone);
                 b.) mellow patinas of wood - old cutting board or wood bowl
c.) "raw" fibers such as burlap, canvas, nubby knits and chunky wools
d.) silverplate, (your mother's wedding present tray that's been stored away for 40 yrs.)

Have fun, and remember we're always in at PATINA to assist you in your quest!

Reinventing Joy

Every so often in life we come to a place where we decide to

 re-invent ourselves.

I'm there.

I'm rethinking a variety of areas in my life
wondering if the reasons I've stayed where I am
have any firm foundation or unshakable conviction,
whether I've simply been comfortable with the
 amount of effort I need
in order to 

Stay tuned  . . . 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Off to Buy

Off on a roadtrip today 
with my ingenious daughter Kellie
buy, buy, buy!
We'll be out prowling
 through some awesome secret places
 to choose the 
best treats 
for you.

Oneof these days you might have the
 to ride along with me
 on a 

Hope you're reading along
will know all about the exciting things that are happening
Antiques By Joy
this summer!

Don't get left out!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Delightful old photos
 show up in antiques shops all the time.

I search for a particular style as a matter of historical reference - 
to study context of antiques, clothing and settings.

There is an innocent beauty to photos of children, 
newly married couples,
 families proudly posed
 before their hard-won house on the prairie.

We poke fun at the severe expressions
 on the faces of staid matrons and patriarchs,
without pausing to think that the act of photographing
 in those days required the subjects
 to remain
 frozen in their pose - completely still, 
for as long as two minutes.

It was a wonder
in the earliest days of photography
 Sunday School classes
 families with babies and small children
 ever achieved a photo at all!

The question is often posed,
"how did these photos in the shop
ever get away from their families?"

Why do they end up in antiques shops?

Sadly, I have seen cases where the last remaining family member has passed away,
leaving boxes and albums of photos that nobody wants.
There is no longer anyone to identify the posers,
no interest in the collection of precious family history,
no survivors.

The photos cannot be passed down,
the stories can no longer be heard,
the family history is lost.

 someone had simply tucked some information, 
names, dates,
a little history about the photos,
into the album,
 we could post them online at appropriate sites 
for another branch of the family to locate and claim.

It's a good idea!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Isn't there something
 wonderfully attractive and exciting about 
the graphic nature of

The simplicity of black and white,
 or shades thereof . . . 

with numbers, letters, symbols . . . 

I'm drawn to these . . . 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Glory Antiques Show

Just about time for the 
Old Glory Antiques Show
and I'm gearing up!

My warehouse is filled to the
with the choicest pieces I've been collecting all spring.

Hope you're planning to attend, 
June 15th and 16th
at Clement Park,
(in the Columbine neighborhood).

Be early on Friday,
 because the very most delicious pieces
 will fly out of the dealers booths when the gates open!

These dealers are the
 best of the best . . . 

(Several years ago,
called this show one of the TOP 10 in the nation!)

Shop owners from all across the country will come to buy for their stores!!

Don't miss it!

Put it on your calendar,
schedule the day off from  work,
get a baby sitter,
pack your straw hat and your little shopping cart,
grab a friend with a pick up truck
and get there!

You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Paris Street Weekend at Patina

Ir's time again for the 
Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove!

Saturday will be the 1st Market of the season,
stocking up on
new items 
entice you!

after you shop 
Paris Street,
come on over and see

We're located at the intersection of University and Orchard
in the
Cherry Crest Shopping Center.
(South west corner of the intersection)


You'll love our style
and our prices!


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