Friday, December 30, 2011

From My Heart

Looking back over the past year
I have to tell you how blessed we've been at
in so many ways!

Our customers and friends are incredible

they're our best advertisement,
bringing their friends
family members
and their out of town guests
to the shop.

I can't tell you how many
"once a year",
"out of town"
stopped to shop
while they were visiting family and friends
for the holiday.

(Many on their way in from the airport,
with the comment that
was the first stop they had to make!)

This sort of affection and excitement
warms out hearts.

It builds business in a solid fashion
keeps us 
in a  position to continue
seeking and providing
a treasure trove of fresh items for the shop.

There is no finer compliment than being recommended
by someone who has enjoyed our ambiance
 atmosphere and design sensibility.

Many of our "regulars"
have brought a dozen friends to us through the years!

This encouragement is what keeps us going,
spending countless hours
and back breaking work,

in rain, heat, mosquitoes, mud, ice and snow,

all across the country 
through thousands of worthless objects
in order to find those few
special items
that spark sweet, warm memories
get you excited!

are why we do it!

Thank you,
from the bottom of my heart!

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