Monday, May 23, 2011

I've been working long days and evenings
non-stop for a month . . . 

and I'm not too proud to tell you
 I'm worn out!

It's cool and rainy and almost feels like autumn this afternoon - 
I'm ready to bake bread 

or make soup

 in this sort of weather . . . 

. . .  or maybe just take a nap . . . 

I'm sipping a cup of tea and reviewing my options.

There is something to be said for
 just doing

that is, 

no laundry 
no vacuuming
no ironing
no filing
no dusting
no inventory

hmmmm . . . 

maybe I'll read


just enjoy tweaking
some of my
favorite displays
throughout the house

And then again

maybe I'll just sit here and contemplate

how good it feels to sit here


Yep . . . 

That sounds like my best idea!

See you tomorrow


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