Sunday, April 10, 2011

Never Enough Time


Is there ever enough time to accomplish all that we ask of ourselves,
 all that others ask of us, 
and all that we dream of doing?

Rarely does a week end that I don't look over my shoulder and wish I had spent more time

 If there were more hours in a day . . . I lament.
Or, one more day in the week . . . 

Perhaps I should give up sleeping . . . 

I gave up television.
Pulled the cable box and returned it to that confounded cable company
 that takes my money and provides so little to watch.

If I had one day all to myself, without interruption, without expectations, without demands!

Could I puhleese have a snow day or three????
I need the kind where snow piles up and no one can possible expect me to dig out and go anywhere.

I imagine every woman lives in this syndrome.
(Some men as well, but it's chronic for women.)

We seem to be
  wave-tossed in the daily necessities of life:
 family, homemaking, profession, avocation, spiritual growth, creativity, self-improvement, health, ministry to others, planning, juggling, rest . . . 

just keeping up with the
  mail, paperwork and correspondence
is a job.

This is never going to change, 
so I want to approach it from another perspective.

Here are Joy's Top Ten:

1.We all prioritize, and accomplish what we can.
Being busy for 18 hours a day is enough!

2.We delegate, and accept the job as it's done by others.
(Perhaps not exactly as we would have done it, but it's done.)

3.We acknowledge that some things will be promoted to the top of tomorrow's list, 
because there was no way they were getting done today.
Wear those jeans one more time, or pull on your baseball cap to cover those roots.

4.Some things we decline.
Yep!  We just say "NO" when they're served up on our plate.
I can't do that.  Too busy.  Sorry.  Ask me next year.

5.We make time for mini vacations:
facial, pedicure, massage, flea market, date night or dinner with a friend.

6.We praise ourselves for what we did accomplish.
I reward myself for a job well done.
I motivate.

7.We praise each other and give kudos where we can.
(Only a brain surgeon understands how hard another brain surgeon's job is!
Do not expect someone who's never tried to do your job to praise you when you've done it.)

8.We keep close and understanding friends who will lend us a hand, 
and for whom we'll lend our hand when they need us.
It's easier to clean out the basement or your closet with the help of a friend.
Return the favor.
Have chocolate, coffee or ice cream as a reward.

9. We recognize in the very depth of our souls that we are human,
 and cannot possibly be perfect all the time. 
 Occasional perfection is fine! 
 Being consistently adequate is more likely and we'll live longer and more happily!

10.When we're content and peaceful, those who depend on us 
will also be more likely
 to be
 content and peaceful.

So ladies, breathe deeply,
have a second cup of coffee,
rely upon your girlfriends for support and affirmation, 
and get as much done as you're able.

Your smiling faces are testimony to the love you pour into your world.
I'm proud of you!

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