Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Time

Well, Dear Ones,
I am
getting ready for my cross country 
antiquing jaunt
with several friends . . . 

I'll keep you posted on our progress through the week.

Packing the gear:

sounds like bad weather - and boy is that a chore.

Mud boots, for sure  . . . 

raincoat and old clothes . . . 

hat to cover the wet hair . . .

loading a trailer in the rain and wind is 
just soooo much fun!

it's what I do . . .

 rain or shine 
or wind or hail
sort of like the postal service. . . 

bringing you good stuff
no matter what!!!!

Always prowling through someone's barn or shed, 
and can't wait around for the sweet sunny days to do it!

Gotta get out there and brave the elements.

Sometimes the seller gets discouraged because the weather is poor,
and that can occasionally mean the prices are better . . .

and when the day is done and the goods are packed
and I'm washed up and warm and dry again

and lounging in a comfy spot reviewing the day's haul . . . 
having good food and better conversation with
my fellow adventurers . . . 

there's great satisfaction
in a job well done . . . 

and the sense that even tho' it's a dirty job,
somebody's gotta do it . . . 

  just a little bit proud 
and delighted that it was

See you soon! 

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