Saturday, May 30, 2009

Significant Virtues

Happy Saturday! My trip out to Kansas was pleasant, and I returned with several delightful items for the Old Glory Antiques Show!
You'll have to wait to see them, though . . . .
here are a few hints . . . .
I have a habit of collecting onesies.
I tend to pick up odd jars, chairs, pillowcases, picture frames . . .
where most sensible people choose to have matching items, or sets of things.
I like the odd plate or cup, unmatched glasses and silverware . . . the survivors.
This rough woven country curtain intrigues me.
is lovely, but more than that,
for me, the essence of simple, unpretentious things has a decided charm.
I like to believe that this curtain was once used for some other purpose,
and now is in it's second
or third
There is an honesty and vulnerability of self which we hide from others, possibly fearing that we will be laughed at, or judged to be too naive and unsophisticated. The nature of my decor may reveal much more about me than I would ever like to think.
I am, truly, a simple, unsophisticated person, at heart.
While my forebears may have had to use mismatched dishes out of necessity, and recycle dresses into aprons and quilt scraps, I choose to do so.
I love these pillows and tote bags, from a French firm, using old flour/grain/coffee sacks!
They are the ultimate in recycling and repurposing what one has.
They are also the essence of the simple life and some

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  1. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for the sweet comment, I love your blog, you havs a tender style all your own...
    Barb C.



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