Thursday, June 4, 2009

French Soap

Many years ago, I was introduced to an incredible soap from France.
Incredible because it has it all. This soap was purported to be the reason French women have such beautiful skin.
I tried it immediately.
I loved it!
One day I was sharing my "find" with an old friend, and she claimed this was the soap her mother swore by, for removing stubborn laundry stains from delicate fabrics.
I tried that immediately.
I loved it!
I began searching for the wholesale source for these soaps, with no luck. I purchased as many at retail as I could afford, and put them in my shop.
(They sold for an unheard of price, I'm ashamed to admit.)
Women liked them so much that they came back for more . . . .
and more . . . .
Finally, I found the French source connection, and began buying wholesale.
For the past 12 years or so, I have carried these delightful French soaps at a
reasonable price.
They are chunky and natural, and loaded with lanolin
and embossed with
(how much better does it get than that???)
Recently these soaps became unavailable, and now they're back!
I should say, they're being shipped.
From France.
I recommend them. They make wonderful gifts, too!


  1. Isn't it the best. I carried this soap when I had a store, too. It is the best. Are you on the hunt for merch this weekend? I am. On Sunday I go to my favorite blue-tarp-on-the-cement flea market looking for bargains. xo Joan

  2. Hey Joy! Love your comment on your blog, very true... Lisa left a comment, and I went to her blog, and no way to return her comment. Please let her know I tried!
    Take care!
    Barb C.

  3. I had a few minutes for 'blog-hopping' this afternoon, & lucky me! I found your blog. Really like your style and pictures! I've never tried these soaps, but they sound wonderful.
    Blessings, Susan



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