Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7

Good Morning! It's a lovely Colorado day, and I've been out for my early walk. There is something so satisfying about the pristine early hours, before the rest of the neighborhood awakes!
I've been steadily unloading my crates of fresh antiques, and scrubbing and admiring and polishing and ironing . . . and adoring the beauty of each object. There are so many display ideas tumbling around in my head that I almost can't sleep for the excitement.
Yesterday I enlisted the help of an old friend, and we drug in tables to replace the ones which sold while I was away. We built new displays and totally recreated several areas at Patina. I'm exhausted, but happy! There are a dozen things I want to keep for myself, but I'm being very virtuous, (VERY VERY!), and letting you see all of them. This is really hard for an addicted antiquer who loves everything she purchases. An awesome 3' long German bread peel, dated 1893, went away yesterday. It was piled in a big rusty wire basket on the front porch, with several other bread boards and old grain sifters . . . and a car stopped in front of the store and a man jumped out and grabbed it. His wife is a baker - very Irish - and she spotted it from 30 yards away. These things won't last long!
Some of my favorite finds are baskets. Being a longtime connoisseur of timeworn baskets, I gravitate to them with an unfailing radar. There are several 1800's gathering baskets that have been well used for about 125 years, and several early 1900's market and picnic baskets with heavenly patina! I also love the old pine table/desk with two drawers. This will disappear quickly.
Tuesday and Wednesday were busy, as you gentle readers scurried in to see what was being unpacked. Thanks for your support and assistance! You got to see it first - and you got some incredible treasures! There is more coming every day . . . especially old ironstone!


  1. Love your blog Joy! Hope I can post this.

  2. Hi Lisa - you're my 3rd Lisa! Thanks for writing!



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