Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taking Care of Our Things

Hello friends,
Happy Saturday and happy Memorial Day!
Did you make any New Year's resolutions? As I told you earlier mine was to be more organized.
This week I decided to rearrange some of my favorite things around the house. After throwing open the windows to air the place out, I dusted and vacuumed, and stacked things in the middle of the floor, and sorted through the contents of vintage suitcases and baskets. I unearthed some old favorite pieces, and packed up others. Several boxes of goodies went to a thrift shop, and a few to a friend's yard sale. Clothing was passed along to a young friend, and papers were shredded and disposed of. It's cathartic to eliminate the extraneous things in life.
(The things that clutter, confuse and hamper our lives.)
Probably a little late to begin spring cleaning, but better late than never!
I waxed a few tables, doors and blanket chests, and polished some silver, and am feeling quite industrious and satisfied! There is never enough time in my life to keep up with the cleaning and socializing and filing and blogging and socializing and shop tending and buying and reading and socializing. The cleaning and organizing usually suffers I'm afraid. Then I lit a Votivo candle, and sank into a chair to enjoy the fragrance and the overall beauty.
When I do organize and clean, I tend to get bogged down in the small details, such as making sure that every little item in one basket is minutely straight and orderly, thereby leaving much of the bigger picture totally untouched. I run out of time, and have to throw all the rest of the room back together in a hurry.
But, let me tell you that that one part of the project is perfect!
Time flies when I'm having fun. I love the finished effect of cleaning and organizing.
(It's too bad the bug only bites occasionally, and for a short time.)
To make myself stay on task, I allow myself treats at certain intervals.
"As soon as I finish this box of papers, I will have a glass of iced tea."
"At 6pm I will stop and have a nice bowl of home made soup."
"When I finish dusting this room, I will indulge in a chocolate truffle."
It works for me!
It's healthy to take care of ourselves,
the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and the environment in which we live. Do something wonderful for yourself today - sort through one little stack of papers or one closet, and rid yourself of everything you don't need.
You'll love it!


  1. Joy,
    You could write for any magazine.... Anne

  2. I love the blogs on organization since I struggle daily with starting...the sheer volume of stuff is amazing. Thanks for the encouragement.



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