Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Really Important Things

Good Morning Gentle Readers, Just a short post today. The day is dawning cloudy and cooler. There is no rhyme or reason to Springtime in the Rockies. Just taking one day at a time, sunny and 87 degrees, or cloudy and 59 degrees. The greening and budding and blossoming is spectacular, thanks to cloudbursts like last nights. It's all good in my estimation. One really important thing we must remember in life : we are never really "in control", and weather reminds us of the fact.
I'm currently beginning to stage displays for my next antiques show . . . (all over my living room . . . ), getting a feel for what I wish to create at Old Glory. I LOVE THIS SHOW. There is such a camaraderie of dealers, some arriving from locations across the country, some from across town . . . it's old home week(end).
We truly compete to see who's queen of the world (OK, our world is small and a little strange, but we do . . . )
Some of our customers have attended for nearly all of the 33 or so years the show has been in existence. They've followed it from Evergreen to Lakewood to Boulder County Fairgrounds and
back down to
Clement Park
because it's worth it!
I'm excited about the
many new items,
I'm going to show you,

and am seeking the very best display creativity, to enchant and inspire you! I hope you will be there - you know we see the best of the best at this little show.

A tip for shoppers, arrange in advance to transport large items, because there are some highly desirable furniture pieces that you'll want to take home.

Be there early - and have cash when possible, although several of us take credit cards, and checks if we know you. Bring your shopping carts, or see Lisa H. first, and buy one of her ADORABLE
vintage carts, complete with liner made from antique fabrics. Bring some bubble wrap and small boxes for little items - not all dealers are prepared to wrap items the way you might wish.
Now the really important news . . .
My new little grandchildren are here!
My daughter and son in law are home from Ethiopia with our Macy, 5, and Felix, 1.5, two beautiful little souls! They are siblings, energetic, smart and adorable. They speak no English, but I'm sure they will begin to very quickly. Fletcher, my 3.5 year old grandson evidently thinks this is hilarious, and has taken to speaking a new, (made-up) language, in competition with them, so poor mom and dad now have 3 children they can't understand.
Oh to be a small child, and just be responsible for having fun in this world!
If any of you speak Amharic, now is the time to say so.
(In English, please!)
Kudos to my kids for coping with this difficult time of adjustment.
I'm off to the shop for the day, and
tomorrow after church I'm up the mountain to visit those precious grandchildren.
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I enjoyed reading this warm and friendly post and added myself as a follower. I hope you great success at your antiques show.

  2. Hi Norbridge!

    Welcome, and thank you for writing!
    I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
    I'll let you know all about the show.




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