Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Simple Life

There is much to be said about the gift of the simple life. While I may, from time to time, have just a small twinge of envy over something unattainable, I find myself in quiet reverie and delight at the simplicity of my life. Maybe there is much that I'm missing, but there is so much to be marvelled at in the microcosm of my world! If you asked me to define that simple order, I would have to list my priorities in this way:
God, family, friends and home, followed by work and play.
The delights of my profession include friends found across the country, travel, the thrill of the search for "hidden treasure", enjoying regional food specialties, breathtaking scenery and being with kindred spirits. There's nothing more fun than arriving at your destination, meeting up with your cohorts, being treated to a home cooked meal, then relaxing and reminiscing on the front porch with a cold iced tea. The following morning before daybreak, you're up and preparing . . . donning your hat, comfortable shoes, and backpack, adrenaline pumping, ready for the hunt. There is a coming together for lunch and the first sharing of bounty . . . oohs and aahs, and you're off again to find even more wonderful things. At the end of the day, (weary, sore, hot, dirty), a shower is the most precious gift you've ever received! Supper at a down home restaurant that specializes in local cuisine . . . sharing the day's victories with comrades . . . heaven!
I love that I do what I love to do!
More importantly, I love returning to my quiet little nest. My home is my peaceful haven, arranged to my peculiar taste, and it makes me exceedingly happy to land there, kick off my shoes, turn on my music, and light my candles.
Little things are important. The way sunshine streams in my windows and warms the room . . . the reflection of a happy plant in a mirror, doubling it's beauty . . . fragrances that cause one's spirit to relax . . . home cooked meals, shared with a friend or two . . . good conversation sprinkled with laughter . . . getting the giggles . . . inspiring music . . . my grandson snuggling in my arms, (if only for a few minutes - you know 3 year olds) . . . a smile from the one you love.
I revel in these little everyday blessings . . .
my simple life.


  1. You are one amazing girl!! One of your partners at Patina

  2. P.S. Jeff is very cute!! Again, one of your partners at Patina.

  3. Hey Girl,
    Thanks soooo much! See you Saturday!




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