Friday, April 24, 2009

On The Road Again

I'm planning a road trip with my friends Alice and Lisa, to search for treasures for the shop! We'll be traveling cross country for several days, poking into a variety of haunts for those unique pieces you'll love for your homes! It's spring . . . the weather is iffy . . . could rain or blow or be sunny and perfect . . . no one can predict!
The truth is, we don't even care.
We're packing the essentials and our music, and hitting the road. There's nothing quite like the anticipation of a road trip. (I'm smiling, even as I do my laundry.) Of course, I sort of like doing laundry in my well outfitted laundry room.
I have accumulated some delightful European washboards and antique clothespins and the little shelf is filled with vintage jars and baskets which hold essentials such as soap and fabric softener. There is a peaceful sense of things being well ordered, as laundry flows from basket to washer to dryer to hangers and neatly folded piles. I feel content that I have accomplished my task and enjoyed the process.

Back to the matter at hand . . . shopping!

The store is busy, and that means lots of beautiful items going out each day - and lots of new items replacing them. It's a constant turnover of wonderful finds . . .

and necessitates a constant search for special items that will spark your interest, make your home more beautiful and orderly, and help you express your personal decorating style. I loooove my work.

It's who I am . . . it's what I do!

The thrill of the search is one of my favorite parts of the business. I'm travelling with two of the best shoppers I know - and will have to be on my toes to garner the best, before they discover it! We'll be up early, face long days, walk miles and miles, brave weather and all terrain, fight off other shoppers . . . oh the trials we'll endure . . . lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
(Doesn't it still sound like the most fun you can imagine????)
I wish I could take you all along, to share the excitement.
Watch the post for photos and updates. I'll let you know how it goes!

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