Saturday, April 4, 2009

Early Birds

What is more pleasant than meeting with friends and enjoying good conversation?
Hmmm . . . Shopping????
I was an early bird this morning, braving the snow and low temperature to explore an indoor yard sale. There were fewer participants than expected, due to inclement weather, but there were treasures to be found!
I love to rummage through items cast off by others, always expecting some serendipitous find! I was not disappointed.
I found a white enamelware bucket with a wooden bale handle, European in origin . . . perfect for so many chores.
There were little silver butter knives,
majolica-like fruit plates,
a breadboard,
and a miscellany of other items I can put to good use.
I believe the recycling and repurposing of possessions is such an important
value for all of us. The fewer new items we manufacture, the more resources we will conserve.
I was pleased to run into a fellow brave antiquer who repurposes vintage jewelry and other items,
creating fresh and desirable jewelry and lovely home decor. Amy is a delightful and talented woman and you can visit her shop at The Barn, in Castle Rock, Coorado.
I saw several other wonderful women I know, and we shared our finds and caught one another up on recent adventures and escapades. It is good to be hale and hearty and brave . . . adventurous and curious. The temptation at daybreak was to stay snuggled under the quilt, warm and cozy . . . but the decision to jump up and have my coffee, bundle up against the winds and go exploring paid off.
I'm all smiles!


  1. yeah for you! I love little adventures such as yours. I love finding the perfect item that can be used/repurposed to something useful today.
    great post.

  2. Thanks Callie - it's so nice to be in the company of fellow adventurers!! Hope your travels are prosperous!!



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