Monday, April 27, 2009

Early Mornings

Well, I awoke to several inches of snow this morning . . . after an evening of cold drizzle. It's calm and quiet and the first birds are awakening with their songs filtering into the house. That's the most pleasant alarm clock of all . . .
Time for some breakfast, and then just a little blog before my upcoming trip. There is much to accomplish today. I enjoy my early morning "quiet time" and bible study, before it's light out. The morning is fresh and pristine and I always feel as though I'm getting a little head start on the day. Once the sun is up, the cares of the world rush in, the phone begins to ring and there are expectations that crowd my schedule. This is my time, and I relish the peaceful hour.
My suitcase is packed, my travelling gear is ready. Antiques dealers have their own peculiar tools of the trade. Magnifying glass, magnet, tape measure, flashlight, leather gloves, bungee cords, granny cart, bubble wrap, strapping tape, packing boxes, packing blankets, storage tubs, rain coat, wet wipes, tarps, hat, fanny pack, water bottles, camera, notebook, price guides, James Taylor Cd's, walkie talkies, peanut M&M's . . . lots of peanut M&M's ! And batteries . . . camera batteries, walkie talkie batteries, flashlight batteries . . . I actually own and use work gloves which have tiny little flashlights built into the fingertips, (mechanics gloves), and of course they require a minuscule battery. These are great for reaching into my trailer at midnight to locate some other set of batteries . . . (Thank you Roxie - these are one of the best Christmas presents I ever received!)
I'm ready for my day to begin now . . . thank you for joining me for a little nonsense and my early morning musings.

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