Thursday, April 2, 2009


A warm thank you to those dear readers who have shared their thoughts with me. I know you are busy people, with much to accomplish during your days . . . and yet you have taken time to peruse my little blog. I'm hearing from many of you that you're enjoying the decorating photos and ideas. It's nice to know you're inspired! Here are a few simple tips for achieving a serene setting.
My styling business has grown out of the love for arranging my collections for personal enjoyment and my consistent desire for efficiency and order. Feel free to borrow ideas for your home. One of my trademarks is a monochromatic color scheme that emphasizes textures, scale and tones within a color family. The effect is calm and serene . . . and which of us doesn't need a little dose of that in our environments?

While some designs call for purity and a minimalist approach, most need to be warmed by layers of texture, stacks of books, and personal memorabilia such as jars of seashells and bowls filled with vintage black and white photos. Our favorite memories should surround us, daily.

To achieve a subtle, peaceful scheme, think of the many variations of your favorite color. If necessary, using a color wheel, add one color to the right and one to the left of your favorite hue. While I'm happy staying within the most basic and calm realm of whites, I love mixing as many shades of that family as possible. Snow . . . eggshell . . . linen . . . oatmeal . . . stone . . . cream . . . vanilla . . . ivory . . . wheat. To these, I always add rich deep browns and a variety of nature's greenery.

Once I've decided on a color scheme, I begin to bring together a multitude of textures. Wool, linen, cotton, wood, wicker, glass, stone, metal, ceramic, paper, leather . . . the list is endless.

Nature must contribute her bounty as well: twigs, birds nests, feathers, seashells, smooth river rocks, moss, flowers and greenery. I've treasured abandoned turtle shells, porcupine quills and naturally shed antlers. Acorns, juniper berries and eculyptus branches are favorites of mine. (Mind you, use only two or three of these naturals at a time.)

When you think you're finished, remove an item or two from your vignettes. Paring down is essential and the eye needs a place to rest.

Decorating is an adventure, and should go on continuously. Your home, like your soul, should never grow stagnant. It should be refined, nourished and developed every day. It isn't necessary to display everything you own or love at the same time. Choose a seasonal look and pack up those items which don't fit. In a few months, unpack the next season's accessories, and replace the ones you have been enjoying.

As an example, think tulips for spring, geraniums for summer, sunflowers for autumn and ivy & evergreens for winter.


Birdsnests with eggs for spring, bowls of seashells for summer, branches of berries & gourds for autumn and pinecones & candles for winter.

Have a cup of tea, enjoy a good book, breathe deeply! Thank you for visiting me!

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