Monday, August 15, 2011

The Strangest Ride I've Ever Been On

It is nearly
 one month
 since my journey began, with post surgical neurological deficits.

Four to five days a week 
I'm receiving therapy to enhance my recovery
 from what can only be described as one of the strangest rides I've ever been on!

I'm now
  detoxing my body
from all chemicals and drugs
 that may have invaded my brain and central nervous system
 during said surgery.

organic, chemical free,
foods and juices.

systemic cleanse.

Herbal supplements.

vitamins and minerals.


These are a few of my favorite things!

My speech is now improving
every day!

My walking is improving.

My balance still leaves something to be desired.

My eye-hand coordination,
are now improving.

The room still spins and tilts on occasion.
The occasions are beginning to spread out and be less frequent.
Sunlight and motion bring them on, with a vengeance!

Because I trust God to answer prayers, I have hope!
Thank you to the many people who have stood firm in their belief that God hears our prayers,
and in their commitment to pray for me.

 I have begun to see some definite improvements,
I'm excited by the improvements!

I have to tell you,
I was beginning to wonder
if I was lost in some
  never-never land 
of post surgical dementia and bizarre side effects.

When a myriad of physicians are left without a clue
 as to what is going on in their patient's body,
one begins to feel a little abandoned
and frustrated.

If I didn't have the prayer and support of close friends and family,
I cannot imagine where my mind would stray . . .

That, and the commitment of my
 chiropractic team 
to treat me with their years of education, experience and expertise.
They recognized my problem and went to work to correct the issue.
Their treatment approach has been the key to my recovery!

Let me encourage anyone who is struggling through the
 labyrinth of doctors who merely prescribe drugs
as a solution to our illnesses . . . 

There are many approaches to healing,
and it takes doctors who 
listen carefully,

and who occasionally dare to
 step outside the boundaries
traditional thought processes and quick solutions,

to find the appropriate healing technique needed.

Thank you Lord!
Thank You Doctor!

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