Monday, August 15, 2011

Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

I posted earlier today, 
telling you how much better I was feeling . . . 

I hate it when I brag about how well somethings going,
and then it goes to pieces . . . 

I really did feel better this morning,
and I still contend that my speech
and other faculties
are on the upswing.

I felt soooo fine that I decided to
venture out into the sunshine and fresh air,
and take a short walk to the grocery store.

I slipped into my fancy red flip flops
with the cute red flower poofs
that everyone always compliments me on!

It's only about 2 blocks, across a lovely green lawn and brick pathway,
with trees and flowers . . .
a sweet stroll.

I knew I could do it,
and it would be good for me . . .
and I really need to get out and begin testing my abilities
and building up my confidence,
and using the muscles I've been neglecting while I sit indoors
recovering from

whatever it is that has blindsided me and knocked me for a loop
since my surgery nearly a month ago.

read my four previous posts before you decide to have surgery!

So . . . 
I walked to the grocery store.

I was delighted . . . 
I was proud . . .
I was feelin' good . . . 

I took my lovely burlap grocery tote,
conscientious consumer that I am . . .

and picked up a few necessities.

I smiled at everyone.
I took my time.

This was a major accomplishment . 

I was enjoying the event.

I was contemplating the produce.

 have time to contemplate the produce like some shoppers do -
it's usually a quick trip,
throw it into the cart,
get it done,
get on to the next thing on my list . . .

I started home.

I made it home.

I put my sweet burlap grocery tote down.

I dropped into my cozy chair.

I took a breath and wondered what was wrong with me.

If you told me someone had just poured 300 pounds of concrete into my body
I would have simply answered,

I couldn't move.

I really couldn't move.

The room was tilting,
my head was spinning,
and my body was full of very heavy concrete.
Or something.

I leaned over,
laid my head on the arm of the chair
and immediately passed out.

I awoke a couple of hours later,
feeling as if I might be able to get up.

I washed my face,
 brushed my teeth, drank a glass of water, and laid back down.

It's a start - and who knows . . .
maybe tomorrow will be better!

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