Sunday, March 20, 2011

There is much to be thankful for

There is much in my life to be thankful for .... (and many of you dear friends know the road I've travelled).  Today I simply have to tell you, that I'm blessed beyond comparison.  Life leaves us a little rumpled and tattered sometimes, but the sun comes out, the flowers bloom, temperatures find that perfect level, and I know that God's in His heaven, and all is right with my world. 

 Here's to Lauri, who has just begun chemo: you are in our prayers - and we're here for you. 

Hello to Beth, who brightened my day Saturday, with her sweet visit to Patina.  Looking forward to our journey on the open road.

Alice L. - can't wait to get to Iowa and plow through the pickins' with you.  You're missed here in Denver!

Lisa M.  You need to be sending me some of your beautiful handmade/vintage creations, to wow my customers here!

Clara B. - I'm waiting for your visit one of these days soon!

Thanks for your friendship, ladies!



  1. JOY!!!!
    I'm SOOOOO HAPPY to see ya Back!!!
    Iowa Awaits...With OPEN ARMS!!!!
    You are such a Sweet...Gentle Soul...
    and... my Friend...
    It IS All...
    About the Journey...
    My Love to You...
    Barb C.

  2. Thanks you beautiful girl! I'm coming out to see you - with a couple of friends in tow. I'm counting the days!!!



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