Monday, March 21, 2011


Happy Monday! 
 Today was warm and sunny and windy in Denver . . . and we reached 74 degrees.  
What an incredible day!  

I was possessed by spring fever - and happy and carefree and energized.

The Round Top Texas antique show is just around the corner - and I'm staying here, looking after
 Patina Antiques and Home
while partner goes to shop in the sunshine.  That's OK - I'll be off to parts east in no time, trekking across the country with girlfriends, picking the best old junk!  You'll want to visit the shop regularly to catch the new things before someone else snatches them away!!!

There's nothing more fun than setting off with the girls on a serendipitous foray into parts unknown.  One contact hooks me up with another, and we travel from barn to shed to farmhouse to warehouse to old store to flea market . . . sifting through eras of incredible pieces, limited only by the space on the trailer and the money in my checkbook.  

We eat, and we shop . . . then we eat, and we shop.  I feel it's my civic duty to try the bakeries in each little community - and Zoe and I have been known to buy one of each item in the bakery display - just because we can!  I'm pretty sure that one day last year in Iowa, We ate 4 different kinds of pie. 
 Hey - we were working really hard!

Yep . . . I'd better start dieting right now - so I can eat my way across country next month!

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