Sunday, March 20, 2011

Antiques by Joy is now on Facebook!

I'm back . . . rather long coffee break eh??
Thanks to my beautiful daughter, Kellie, I'm now on Facebook! You can visit me there and link to my blog, to my (soon to be stocked) Etsy Store, Patina's Facebook page, and loads more places I don't even know about yet!
Why would I do that you may ask . . .
Joy is offering a great big happy serendipity for followers. When my followers reach 100, you'll find a special, secret password on the Facebook page that grants you, (and only you special few), a discount on a "JOY" item of your choice at Patina Antiques. When we reach 150 followers . . . . an even BIGGER discount . . . and you get the picture.
(Isn't this how Martha Stewart started out?????) In the old days, to be "branded" wasn't such a good thing. Now - they tell me - I must be branded. (And linked-in, and socialized, and so on.)
I'm still trying to figure out where the photos went to live when I transferred them from the P.C. to the Mac, but daughter dearest is untangling my wicked web of missteps, and may eventually have me sorted out. Hang in there fellow and fellowette antiques lovers - we're in for a wild and happy ride! I promise to make it worth the wait.

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