Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Favorites

Hello again, I am remiss . . . and being chided for not reporting sooner on the Old Glory show!
So much to do . . . .and how I admire those bloggers who can race home and download their photos and write about their adventures the same night!
I'm going to grow up to be like those girls, one day.
What a weekend! I'm finally getting around to writing again, after recovering from the excitement, restocking the shop and going back to work. I'm just not as young and resilient as I used to be!
The show was delightful, as it is every year . . . . and as always, I came home inspired. It was hot and sunny on Friday, and cloudy and cooler on Saturday. We were a little tentative about the rain clouds that seemed to be moving ever closer, and we continuously condensed our displays as things sold, moving more and more under the tent. The weather held, and we even got the show torn down and packed before the sprinkle ensued. All in all, you couldn't have asked for a nicer 2 days, during our notoriously tumultuous June weather
There were shop keepers and designers and tons of customers, and pretty much like most shows, the serious ones made an impact during the first 4 hours on Friday. Saturday had steady traffic and sales, until about 2pm. I had a delightful show, with smalls being most popular. I made several wonderful early buys, and resold the items during the show . . . .
always a coup in my book!
I had the pleasure of meeting Jo Packham, editor of the magazine,
"Where Women Create",
and her super photographer, Dana, took pics of our booth.
Jo may return soon, and do some photos of our shop!!!!!!
The camaraderie of the dealers was magnificent - many returning from previous years. I was treated each morning to coffee & donuts, and a breakfast burrito on Saturday,
by sweet Amy, of The Pink Attic Cat, (downtown Littleton).
I bought a folk art angel from Claire Roberts, of Coming Home,
and a number of items from Cordie Webb.
I think the friendship among dealers is as much the reason we stay in the business
as the income.
(Although we all know that the addiction is the true reason we stick to it!)
Thanks to Holly Kuhn, and her husband, the ever calm and smiling Brian,
we all had a smooth and easy show.
Those two are the best!

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  1. Looks so beautiful. Lovely things as always. glad the show was a success and great coup with the magazine. Looking forward to seeing it!!!



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