Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Celebrations

We have arrived at the halfway point of 2009, and that gives me pause, encouraging me to think about my goals for this year. I feel good about several accomplishments, and at the same time,
I realize there are several projects I have yet to begin.
Reasonable women know that it is important not to be overly self critical.
(There are enough people out there to be critical of us as it is.)
Self employed women know that we set impossibly high standards for ourselves,
and truly believe that each year we will work "smarter and harder".
There is no way we can run our business, be all we wish to our family, deepen our friendships, enhance our love life, grow spiritually, get in better physical shape, learn new skills, dedicate ourselves to our favorite charity, life coach, renew our artistic endeavors, organize our paperwork, our cars and our workshops . . . . and so on.
and that's important.
At this mid-point, I will rededicate myself to the goals I set for the New Year of 2009!
This is one of my favorite months of the year . . . and my birth month!
I was born very close to the Fourth of July, and for many of my early years,
I recall my mother saying,
"we're going to see fireworks tonight".
(In my childish mind, I supposed that those fireworks were just in my honor, for my birthday.)
I anticipated that evening all week . . . . having a special outfit, the packing of blankets, picnic basket and lemonade, even taking an afternoon nap, all in preparation for the evening's wonderment.
There would be sparklers - those firey fairy lights that one could dance around in the dark with, swirling and leaping, to create trailing arcs of magic.
It was the kickoff of my birth month!
No slacker - I needed more than a birth DAAAAAY . . . .
A whole
month of celebration
was more in my plan.
I was priviledged to be able to choose my birthday cake flavor.
For many years it remained angel food cake with chocolate frosting.
I was probably as delighted with the name of that cake -
"angel food"
as I was with the taste.
I was thrilled by the spectacle of red, white and blue "stars", bursting in the air,
the excitement of the crowds celebrating, flags waving, dads taking the dayoff, burgers grilling, ice cold watermelon, often a daytrip to the beach!
Even after I came to the realization that there was a bigger celebration than my little birthday,
I continued to be thrilled by the festivities and fireworks,
and am to this day.
What a lucky girl I am!

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