Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Minute Details

If I allowed you to peek into my normally tidy house right now, you'd believe
a crazy lady lived here!
I am sitting in a maze of packing boxes, stacks of ironstone, tissue and bubble wrap, scraps of this and that, price tags, glue, string, plants, potting soil, baskets . . . . and that's only the living room . . .
But it's all going away as I pack several trucks for the show.
Add to that list my tool box, furniture wax, rags . . . you see, I
bought this wonderful old dresser yesterday - and it will look even nicer after a little TLC - and you understand that I could not go to sleep without seeing how much I could restore it with a little elbow grease! Like I needed another project to add to the short list. With any luck, you'll see it at the shop tomorrow!
It has hardware now, and the mirror affixed - come see the transformation!
I'm busy today, beginning to pack for Old Glory my fav antiques show! I'm potting plants in vintage containers, framing antique flashcards, making pretty price tags, and wishing I had a little more time. (Isn't that the perpetual desire . . . ???) I must drive into town and get the shop open in a couple of hours, so I'm cutting this short and heading back to my tasks. There is much still to be done, but only I will know what I didn't complete. I have two incredible accomplices who are helping behind the scenes - veterans in the business. Lisa Morris and Barb McGregor are tying up loose ends, and helping to keep me sane. Hello to Alice, who, with broken foot is unable to attend. Good luck to Barb, of 'Simply Iowa', who is on her way to the Walnut show to sell her incredible antiques. That girl finds some wonderful things! Too bad these two shows are always the same weekend. Prayers for good weather and a huge crowd, and Happy Hunting!


  1. How did the show go? Let us know!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Joan, It's this Friday and Saturday . . . and I'm working hard. I'll let you know!!! :)



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