Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome To The Blog! Get Your "SPECIAL GIFT"

Welcome to Antiques By Joy!
There has been a veritable bouquet of new friends and readers at Antiques By Joy lately,
and I'm taking this opportunity to say how delighted I am to have you join me here!

This is where I explore and share all sorts of
 meanderings, memories and musings . . .
and invite you to tarry awhile,
and break away from work and stress and life's little cares.

It's healthy to take a few minutes each day to just breathe deeply, stretch your body and soul,
 and escape to a place where you can be
 thankful and share a smile.

I find that some weeks I post more than other weeks . . . 
I take time away for buying trips and often have a hectic schedule at the antiques shops . . . 
but I always return to the quiet pleasure of sharing my thoughts and experiences with you.

If you look through the previous posts, I've been tracking my beginnings as an antiques dealer
from the time I first longed to be in the business . . . through the throes of set up and many of my
  faux pas of business development.
I started that series because I hear nearly every day,
"How did you get started in this wonderful business?"
"I wish I had a shop like this."

I have older posts about learning to "pick" with my grandmother,
her incredible talent and enthusiasm for life.
There are how to's and what if's and buying trip exploits
scattered throughout the pages for you.
You'll hear about me, my philosophy, my faith and my background,
and some pretty crazy things I've tried.
(Some were great fun and some were total flops.)
This is the real Joy, freckles, bruises and all!

I've always believed the old adage that laughter is the best medicine . . . 
and you may feel free to laugh at me and my wonderful trials and errors!

So, grab a cup of tea, and take a few minutes to look through the blog posts for some
 fun and funny
and some relaxing (and hopefully) enriching reading.

Can you imagine . . . Joy is busy
along with partners Melanie and Kellie
organizing our autumn displays!
In retail it's imperative that we stay a couple of months ahead of the season,
so that you can shop, ponder and plan your own seasonal decorating.
This requires us to purchase spring garden items while it's icy and snowy, and Christmas ornaments while it's still steamy July!!!!

We exist,
 "out of context" 
so hopefully you don't have to!

Thank you for taking time to read along my friend,
and please know that I am honored by you being here!

If you begin
the blog,
you'll see every once in awhile that I will offer a
for you readers alone!
Simply click "FOLLOW" on my home page.
As a
to you
you may use this code
at Dwell Antiques & Home

and receive 10@ off any one JOY tagged item!
(This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.)

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