Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who's Going To Tell You?

 Who's going to tell you when you're growing up that you can explore the desires of your heart 
and  create your own business
do anything you really want to do?

if someone does tell you
are you going to remember it
and take it to heart?

We are more likely to be pressured into choosing a major in college,
and then,
following through on that because,
after all,
all that money was spent on our education
and we 
to be doing something in whatever field we chose to spend money being educated.

we grow up and get married and begin creating our home and family
get a little bogged down 
with the daily stuff that makes up life...

and when we look for a job,
we take the one that fits our schedule
and is easy to drive to 
so many other parameters that make sense at the time.

And so it goes . . . 
the artist is doing data entry
and the dancer is working for a bank . . . 
what I'm talking about here!

we dream a little . . .  and wish we could jump careers
and be what we always wished we could be.

We ponder and we scribble a plan on the back of an envelope
and we talk to our best friend about how we really
we were able to live our dream
but . . . 
"maybe in a few more years . . . "

But we've grown up to be responsible adults with people depending on us and reputations for being reasonable and dependable and careful.
we keep on keeping on
count the years till retirement and pension.

we will take off and lead mountain climbing expeditions
open that Bed and Breakfast
antique shop.

Even then we look at the things that bring us our real joy
and know that there are

  perils and dangers and risks
oh my!

There are statistics about how many people start businesses and see them fail in the first two years.
We don't know where to start.
We aren't certain we can do it.
What if????

And so . . . . we don't.

We weigh the pro's and the con's and let the naysayers tell us we are too inexperienced
or too old
or too something.

I'm here to encourage you.
I'm here to cheer you on.
I'm here to lay out before you the questions you should ask yourself
you're debating whether
 you can follow your heart,
you dare to dream
you can begin to do the things you've always wanted to do,

if you can find your
 real joy

Let's take a preliminary quiz to see if you have the entrepreneurial spirit : 

1. Have you daydreamed about the thing you'd be doing if you didn't "have" 
    to be where you are?

2. Have you taken pencil to pad and actually tried to sketch out the desire of your heart?

3. Have people told you, "you should be doing" that certain something instead of what you                
    ARE doing?

4. Do you find yourself sharing this interest/dream with other people?

5. Do you teach others what you know?

6. Do people ask you to teach them about your interests?

7. Do you get energized just thinking about this desire?

8. Would you rather be doing this activity than anything else you can think of?

9. Are you an expert or set on becoming an expert in this field?

10. Are you hesitating because someone has convinced you you can't succeed?

11. Are there fears about the mechanics of proceeding?

12. Are you a problem solver?

13. Do challenges weary you?

14. Do people like you and enjoy being around you?

15. Do you have a reputation for being honest and trustworthy?

16. Can you work long hours?

17. Do you have a need to prove that you're right, or can you concede a point with grace     
     even when you know the other person is wrong?

18. Are you good with money management?

19. Are you willing to wash the windows, sweep the floor and clean the toilet in addition to  
      doing what you love?

20. Are you organized?

21. Are you a smiler or a frowner?

22. Can you keep your personal opinions to yourself?

23. Do you have a knack for reading people's body language or verbal clues?
       (are they healthy, depressed, sad, happy, anxious, scared, excited?) 

24. Are you a happy, vivacious, outgoing person?

25. Are you a good listener?

I don't think I really need to give the correct answers - but 1-9, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 18-20, 22-25 should be a happy, vivacious YES!  
13 and 17 should be a resounding "NO"!  
10 and 11 are designed for contemplation. 
 I hope 21 is "smiler" - cause that's what people are counting on from you!

If you took this preliminary quiz and feel you have most of the marks of an entrepreneur, then I think you're on your way. 

Continue on our journey
 and learn more about finding your
Real Joy

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