Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Think You've Got What It Takes?

You think you've got what it takes? 
This isn't for the faint of heart.

If you've been following along, you know I'm talking about finding your

R E A L   J O Y
in life,

 getting to do

every day

what you love

For me, that's retail.

The wonderful world of seeking out,
gathering together,

the incredible ideas, products and services
that your
Watching them come back
again and again
and invest in you!

My specialty is in retailing - in a brick and mortar storefront
building an incredibly loyal customer base
that loves what I can do for them.

If you've been dreaming about being in charge of your life,
of being your own boss
creating your own lifestyle
then follow along.

While retailing is not for everyone,
it just may be that you have what it takes.

Did you recognize yourself in the first two posts in this series?
Did you nod your head and think, "yep - that's me"?
Did you score well in the test on the previous blog?

You may be ready to embark on the most wonderful and exciting journey of your life!

I hear you - "it's intimidating, scary, overwhelming, a really big step" . . . .

There's no denying it - the energy and resources you'll invest will be greater than you've ever imagined.
That's why you shouldn't try it alone, or with less than adequate training and guidance.
Like flying a jet full of passengers,
you will have more success with the advice and coaching of an experienced professional.

When you have someone who's travelled the path successfully guiding you through the process,
it needn't overwhelm or defeat you.

Perhaps you've been in business for a while and are floundering . . . 
wondering why some shops are flourishing while yours is merely existing.
Sales may be lagging, customers lethargic, the competition looking fierce.

You have an opportunity to follow along and examine a multitude of ways you can improve your level of appeal, traffic, sales, business revenue, satisfaction and customer loyalty.
We will explore it all!

There's a
 R E A L    J O Y
in doing what you do so well that your customers recommend your business to their friends and family.

There's a 
R E A L    J O Y
in having testimonials from your customers - every day.

There's a 
R E A L    J O Y
in meeting  lots of "first time" new customers every day.

There's a 
R E A L   J O Y
in knowing your business is growing and thriving
 and you can breathe deeply and feel 
truly blessed.

If you think it might be time for you to take a step toward your 
R E A L    J O Y
follow along. 

Today, we're going to examine your 
Lets talk about what you think you have to sell the world.

Who are you?
What's your concept?
Who cares?
What research have you done in this area?
What makes you think that you should open a shop?
Who else sells this same product/service?
Have they succeeded?
How will you do it better?
Who would become your customer?

Let's hear your answers.
Get out your pencil and answer these questions before you go any further.

This is the way I started out, nearly forty years ago:

Who are you?
I'm Joy, and I love antiques and history and home decorating.  I've studied and practiced what I love, and people say I'm good at it!
I have a penchant for turning the ordinary, boring, run of the mill room into a desirable, WOW space that people are excited to call their own.  

What's your concept?
Everyone who likes home decorating is looking for something that expresses who they are and how they want the world to perceive them.  They're bored with shopping the existing home furnishing and decor stores, because these venues don't offer enough items that are unique, original or exciting.

Who cares?
People I'm talking to have expressed an interest in sourcing unique, exciting home decor like they've seen in my home and in the homes I've helped style for family and friends.  The problem - They're not finding what they want, or can't quite envision what they can do to give their house a vibrant and "one of a kind" look!!!!

What research have you done in this area?
I've visited scores of home decor stores, large and small, chains and 'mom&pop' shops, and conversed with shop owners and salespeople about what their best selling items are and what customers are seeking that they can't find anywhere.  

What makes you think that you should open a shop?
Friends and family, and owners of and guests in the homes I've styled, have asked for my contact info, because they want me to help them restyle their homes.  They want to get that special look.  They say I should have a shop where they can come and purchase the sort of unique items I've procured.  They love what I do and wish they had access to my style.  When I mention what I do, people clamour to learn more and they ask for my advice.  They love the items I'm showing them.

Who else sells this same product/service?
Interior Designers provide a similar service, but on a one on one basis - and they can be a little intimidating and more pricey because of the time they invest.  Antique shops are often filled with great old things, but not with an eye to what their customers are seeking.  No shop exists in my area that does what I want to do, on a personal level.
No one around has a retail shop where interesting antique items have been chosen for their originality, personality and usefulness.
Big stores in the area try . . . but . . . 

Have they succeeded?
They can satisfy a lot of people, but not the niche group that I'm focused on.  The big stores have ignored this strata of customers, because it demands personal searching which is more time consuming and customer oriented than they can be.  They can't stock a big store with the hand picked antiques I'm talking about.
How will you do it better?
I've got a knack for identifying and sourcing one of a kind and antique items that create excitement and desire with people in my area.  I want to get to know my customers and then buy the things that express their personalities.  I want to offer more personalized service.  I want to share the story behind each piece I have for sale. I love to bring history to life, I want to cherish and re-use and bring new life to old objects.
Who would become your customer?
I believe a large number of the customers who shop in the local home decor super stores are less than satisfied, with service, product quality and choice of merchandise.  I believe half of them would prefer the chance to shop in a smaller, more personal environment and to deal with the owner.  I think antiques lovers will become my customers, as well as home decorators.  I believe people of any age or income can appreciate what I want to present.

Apply these questions to your concept and think about your answers.
Do you have a great concept?
Stay tuned for the next installment
finding your
R E A L   J O Y


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. You are so welcome Karli! Hope you enjoy the series on the beginnings of my business exploits and the journey through my 40 years of fun!



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