Friday, February 1, 2013

Filing And Sorting and Shovelling Oh My

It's the first day of February, 
and I'm catching up on filing and paperwork.

I'm living the 

There is always
 too much
 of that filing and sorting and shredding and organizing
never quite enough time to do it properly.

It's not my favorite thing to do
by far
and so I tend to let it pile up until the pile topples over
I fear that if anyone sees the messiness of stacked and toppled receipts and invoices and business cards and whatever,
 they will think I'm one of those hoarder types who needs to have 

I can see it now . . . 

they will shake their heads and say,

she was a little strange
and now we have the evidence
poor dear . . . 
buried alive under
  several tons
of crumpled receipts, paperclips, manila file folders and notes to self!"

Mind you -
this debris is essential to my business

as any antique dealer will confirm.

We faithfully keep exacting records of each item purchased


add to that
 for the supplies we buy 

to clean, polish, restore, repaint and refurbish every little piece.

Why the paper towels alone run into the thousands of dollars!

There are mileage record books and checkbooks and all those business cards of hundreds of people who wish to
 sell to us,
 or paint for us,
 or convince us to advertise with them.

dare not
discard anything so vital to our potential success!

There are paint sample cards
(oh my . . . I have thousands of those),

and even tiny chips of actual paint we have peeled off some old thing
 to save for reference
 for that day when we 
 that beautiful shade of robins' egg blue.

It's a little embarrassing!

That's just the tip of the iceberg

but if I blog any longer
I'll lose daylight hours
tomorrow it's back to the shop

and whatever paper is still drifting through the air will once again settle in odd places around the house.


if you ring the doorbell and I don't answer,
please just give me time to claw my way out from under my mountain
and run to greet you!

Don't call the authorities.

Happy filing!

Botanical prints today are courtesy of The Graphics Fairy @

Joy is partner/owner at
Greenwood Village Colorado

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