Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dwell on the possibilities

I've been
looking back over the last year 
 my journey, thoughts and struggles
 expanding my antiques business.

A lot of prayer and calculation and heart searching went into the process.
Dreaming, sketching
more praying.

Dwell Antiques & Home 
opened in September of 2012

just south of Denver proper, 
5912 South University Boulevard
 Greenwood Village, Colorado

Three capable, determined women
each with a strong skill set 
decided to come together to create the dream.

 is not a typical antiques shop
 there are no hard and fast rules about what we collect and present.

We bring an ever changing collection of found objects from our forays  . . . 

items that have a mellow patina
 some special essence,

hoping that our clients will find DWELL an interesting and enchanting place to visit.

The ambiance we strive to create is one where you'd like to spend time perusing,
even when you're not looking for anything in particular.

We love it when you identify with an object and delight in it.

We'd like to invite you to visit,

to relax and stroll through the shop,


enjoy the music
 and the fragrance 

and the hand picked items that speak to our hearts.

Grab a coffee just 5 doors down


if you have time,
pull up a vintage stool or chair
chat with us awhile.

We're happy to give advice on styling your home 
in a way that reflects
what you're all about.

We'll make notes in the
 Wish Book 
about the things you're looking for,
and hunt for them on our journeys across the country.

We'll help you think outside the box when it comes to

"what do I do with the huge 16' expanse of wall"
"I want a headboard with charm"
"I need to work around the 9000" TV my hubby just brought home."

We love a challenge!

Come see us at Dwell Antiques & Home
Monday - Saturday

303-795-3454 Dwell Antiques
303-795-0816 Patina Antiques

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