Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Patina's Shop Makeover

With the advent of my friend Anne retiring from Patina,
 I find myself with an 
additional amount of display space. 

 Like any change, this presents a challenge. 

1)  I could spread out my existing merchandise for a better look, 

2) I could bring in more pieces from my storage space,

3) I can do a total makeover of my shop.

Hmmmm . . . 

You know me, 
I generally go for the choice that will
 create the most havoc and brain stress,
present the biggest possible
fresh look.

So . . . 

Thursday afternoon, after Anne leaves us,

I will begin a total makeover.

There will be ladders and paint and man hours, coffee and wire and fabrics and furniture involved.
There will be a trailer, coffee, shelving, inventory and floorplans.
There will dedicated friends and family members with tools,
and coffee.

(There will, no doubt, be stress and wailing and wondering why I ever gave myself 12 hours to makeover so many square feet involving tons of merchandise.)

Hopefully, when the sun comes up, there will still be team members alive and speaking to me.

Kellie will be photographing the entire process and we'll get it blogged,
complete with "before" and "after" shots.
We want to present
 workshop for you.

This is just a teaser to engage you . . .
I hope you'll be curious
follow the progress
and see just what 
Joy is up 

I move on to prepping for the
 Old Glory Antiques Fair,
happening two weeks later.

So, watch the blog at
which is accessible by facebook as well.

I'll be pulling the curtains, 
but you can have a private look inside!

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