Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Old Glory Antiques Show

Just about time for the 
Old Glory Antiques Show
and I'm gearing up!

My warehouse is filled to the
with the choicest pieces I've been collecting all spring.

Hope you're planning to attend, 
June 15th and 16th
at Clement Park,
(in the Columbine neighborhood).

Be early on Friday,
 because the very most delicious pieces
 will fly out of the dealers booths when the gates open!

These dealers are the
 best of the best . . . 

(Several years ago,
called this show one of the TOP 10 in the nation!)

Shop owners from all across the country will come to buy for their stores!!

Don't miss it!

Put it on your calendar,
schedule the day off from  work,
get a baby sitter,
pack your straw hat and your little shopping cart,
grab a friend with a pick up truck
and get there!

You'll be glad you did!

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