Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Blessings!

Here's to my dad, my uncles, my brother
 and to all of those who fought in wartime 
and served in non-war time,
to protect, liberate or defend 
our country
 or other countries
  who needed America.

Whether we are in favor of war
is not really the question.
In a perfect world,
 might not ever be necessary,
I believe those who were
proud, brave, strong, willing and able
have given us the nation
we enjoy today.

I come from a family of folks
 who may not have dreamed they'd ever have to go to war,
 but, who did it anyway when they were called.
It wasn't their career choice
as with some,
but they made themselves available,
answered the call
fought bravely
 were wounded
for America.

I'm saying thank you today
to all of you,
past, present and future.

God bless you!

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