Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enjoying The Simple Life

I'm up early this morning and posting before I go to work.

Yesterday I spent the day at a local hospital with a sweet friend.
Nice hospital, as hospitals go,
(and I've become something of a connoisseur . . .)

My friend had a fall during the night and cracked her forehead open on some hard surface
necessitating 19 stitches.

She is terribly bruised and sprained and can barely move in her hospital bed.
Jeanette is over 40, (twice), but spry and healthy,
and I long to see her up and about again soon.

She has survived
 two heart attacks, 
two knee surgeries
 and numerous other surgeries
 that we accumulate in a long active lifespan.
She still gets around admirably with the assistance of a walker,
and does pretty much as she pleases!

She was a violinist extraordinaire
an elementary school teacher.

She is beautiful, with a beauty that does not fade.

Jeanette is made of kindness.
That's about the best way I can describe her.

Her sense of humor is amazing
her outlook on life is awesome
I love her like a grandmother.

We spent the day with nurses and technicians
poking and prodding and sticking and testing and xraying,
and her attitude,
(despite her pain and discomfort),
purely sweet.

Watching Jeanette made me think about
 the way life is made up
 of simple little things 
 we take for granted..

How many ordinary things I can do,
that I never think about.
 I can move about without pain,
feed myself,
adjust the lighting, open the window,
go where I wish
sleep in my own comfy bed.

these are sweet blessings
I take for granted.

Just thinking . . . 


  1. Joy,

    You always inspire me and make me think about things in a different way.

    Thank you,

    Patsy Gallery

  2. Hi Patsy,

    You're so kind! That gives me a real lift.
    Thank you for reading . . . have a wonderful week!



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