Thursday, January 7, 2010

Putting Away Christmas

January 6th was my grandmother's birthday. It has traditionally been my day for packing away the Christmas ornaments, cleaning up the pine needles and redecorating with a fresh winter theme.
I always remind myself during this process that 'tho Christmas is officially over, I want to keep it alive in my heart all through the coming year. That means kindness, giving of myself, reaching out to the less fortunate, and celebrating the birth of Christ, no matter what month it may be.
With Christmas over and the lovely ornaments and decor being packed away, I will miss the festive aura I was enjoying. I decided to keep some of that cheery atmosphere a bit longer by reinventing my displays throughout the house. I adore candlelight and greenery against silver, so I'm continuing to use it in every room.
I will keep my mercury glass votives and silver trays and introduce a spring green with a few fresh plants and potted herbs. Friends tell me that they keep their natural pine wreaths on their front doors for months, and mother birds build nests in them.
I have cleaned out the pantry, (again), and have washed some wonderful antique European canning jars, and am using them on my counter for coffee and lovely raw sugar. I have a glass spooner filled with antique silver spoons . . . . so inviting in the morning when I prepare breakfast.
There is always a bright side to a frigid winter's day . . . . much can be accomplished in the house if you're lucky enough to be able to stay at home and putter.
Running a business, teaching, entertaining and a myriad of other responsibilities preclude my having many "leisure" days, so there is something very satisfying to me when I can sort, clean, redecorate, dejunk, and "play" at home.
I read recently that we should strive to eliminate one unnecessary or worn out item from our lives, each day. I took up the challenge the day after Christmas, and have been tossing and donating things I no longer want or need.
Of course, everyone does this at this time of year . . . .
but I'm going to keep doing it.
I always begin by starting a pot of homemade soup, and usually end in a cozy chair with a good book and a cup of tea. Some books you just have to keep and re-read . . . .
I hope you'll find great satisfaction in beautifying an area of your life.
Enjoy your winter days.

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