Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Changing Our World

Home after a long day at the shop. I had a nice jaunt the other day with girlfriend Lisa . . . . and OH did we shop!! I'm still unpacking and cleaning and pricing and displaying the plethora of treasures.
I felt the need to shake it up a little, change some things around, freshen my perspective.
I decided to reconfigure one area of my display, so I pushed some furniture around and created a fresh pathway, then spent the day freshening up the 'Joy' displays in the shop.
I began with a white cupboard I just bought, and loaded it with European zinc pots, bread boards, graters, candles, jars, old shoe lasts, and all of the 'tin', wood and glass I could squeeze in. Next, I loaded a table with stacks of glass cake plates, mercury glass and ironstone, surrounded with old mirrors. Lots of white seashells and starfish and creamy buttons . . . . French flashcards under glass cloches . . . . and ooh la la !
Lots of terrific suitcases to stack up and use as organizers, some rusty/crusty crates (used for who knows what???), several benches and tool boxes . . . . silverware . . . . little pewter pots with wicker handles . . . .
Bird nests, feathers, quail eggs . . . .
My fav find of the day was a 3' high, hotel champagne bucket stand: silverplate! It's glorious.
You'll love it!
The weather is balmy - can you believe it reached
56 degrees?????
I've spent the past week saying Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful weather, the great sales we've been enjoying in the shop, the treasures I've been finding . . . . so many things that have gone smoothly . . . .
Each small blessing is to be savored.

There are so many wonderful people in this business.

Imagine how sweet we could make the world, if each day, we went out there with a smile and a hug and a kind word for the people with whom we interact.

I believe we could change the world!


  1. My sentiments EXACTLY: we have a great opportunity to change the dynamic and be a statement of grace and trust,...I am so pleased to have intersected with a like minded sister. Happy Day.

  2. Happy Day! I have planned to come visit your delightful shop at The Barn, Friday morning!

  3. Hey Joy!
    Wow, what a score!!! Put a pic of the hotel piece on! I would Love to see it!
    Take care!
    Barb C.



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