Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birds of a Feather . . . .

So I've been pondering . . . Is there an antiquing gene that some of us are dealt at birth? Or maybe one that causes some folks to make friends, wherever they travel? Hmmm . . .
Isn't it funny that people who enjoy similar things seem to locate one another, no matter how far apart they are to begin? One person tells another, and they tell someone else, and pretty soon wonderful friendships are being formed.
There is a camaraderie within the world of antiques and 'found objects' that bonds it's members. This good-fellowship is one of the elements that make antiquing so much fun.
No matter how far one travels, or how far off the beaten path, there is an immediate kinship with other antiquers.
There are those who have serious collections of important antiques, those who like all things with a history and those who collect bits and pieces of old items to use in creating their art.
Some collect perfect specimens and some love the orphan antiques which are chipped and crazed and slightly imperfect . . . but all have a soulful connection with times past, and thus a simpatico with one another. While travelling, I have met fellow antiquers, and been invited home to supper. I have met those who made me promise to stop by and stay with them when I pass their way again. They are truly some of the most congenial and encompassing folks in the world.
There is something heartwarming about opening my email and finding a photo of an antique I sold to a customer as it sits proudly displayed in her living room. I have posted in my office many notes of thanks for locating some longed for relic, or for suggesting a display idea for a family treasure. That customers become friends is one my personal benchmarks of success in my business. That I can travel across country and stop to visit antiques friends in nearly every region is another.
One of the greatest feelings is when customers take such pride in introducing their friends to the shop, and showing them their favorite items. Many times I've heard the comment, "I just picked her up from the airport, and this is our first stop"! Now that's a compliment! This morning my first customer shared with me that her electricity had gone out at home, and she couldn't think of anyplace she'd rather be than in my little shop! Wow!
We treasure hunters, junk junkies and seekers of the past are prone to staying open late for one another and mapping out the route to our favorite haunts. We'll tip you off to the best places to eat, and maybe even hop in the car and go with you.
There is a heart warming familial essence that makes one feel right at home with someone who loves old wooden bowls and ironstone pitchers and other timeworn treasures.
I guess we birds of a feather do indeed flock together.
Happy hunting . . . and be sure to stop and chat along the way.

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