Thursday, August 22, 2013

Autumn Decorating

There is a promise 
 in the air, 
 that always nudges me into a

 fresh decorating mode . . . 

gathering and collecting
 and filling jars and cloches with the
 small items
 from around the house.
I have filled one tall apothecary jar with acorns,
one with tiny, antique, white ironstone doll size tea sets & dishes,
one with small, leather, pocket-size bibles and prayer books from the 1700's and 1800's.

Mellow wood bowls now cradle creamy stacks of linen napkins,
dried artichokes or fragrant bundles of cinnamon sticks.

I love
incorporating seasonal bittersweet and shocks of wheat or hops.

Crockery is back out on the counter, filled with wooden implements, prized for their timeworn patina.
Silver cutlery is on display . . . 
(as I anticipate serving some of the delightful fall pies and cobblers with steaming cups of coffee.)

Both of our shops, 
Dwell Antiques & Home 
 Patina Antiques & Home

are freshening and ripening with the bounty of the harvest season.

There are antlers and dough bowls, bread boards and baskets, dried hydrangeas and pumpkins appearing every day . . .
in the twinkling of an eye
you'll find both shops been fully transformed into a wonderland of autumn splendor!

This is the time when we polish up our reserves of silver plate
 trays and urns and flatware. 

The 1800's ironstone and transferware appears in stacks
pitchers filled with autumn stems.

Botanicals, gourds, copperware and huge wooden bowls will come in and disappear quickly.

Our displays are so much fun to create
but we are delighted and thankful when they're plundered by excited customers
choose their favorite items to cart home.

Designers came in yesterday and turned the shop topy-turvy as they extricated a truckload of freshly displayed items.  While we're honored to see them fly out, there is a momentary catching of the breath when we say goodbye to those precious antiques
so recently scored!

These are precious days, near the end of summer, a fresh awakening of the senses . . .

an opportunity for a fresh palette . . .

a time to 

Come visit us in the South Denver neighborhood of Greenwood Village, Colorado.
Dwell Antiques & Home 5910 S. University Blvd. Greenwood Village, CO. 80121
303-795-3454  Monday - Saturday 10-5,  Sundays by chance or appointment.

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