Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Perils of an Antiques Dealer.

What a day, what a day. It all started out so pleasantly yesterday. We found some great items to bring back to Denver...

 Architectural pieces and coverlet pieces from the 1800's.

 Antique honey jars and dinner mint tins.

 Enough doors and windows to build your own home.

And rusty, peely ceiling tins.

But then came the truck...the wrong truck...the one without a ramp, even though we were promised it had one. If there's one thing hauling junk has done for me, it's build muscles, but after loading the truck without a ramp, we came to find that Budget's 10 foot trucks are really only 9'6" - not big enough to accommodate our entire haul.

After canceling that truck, finding a new one through U-haul and loading it all up, we discovered it was the senior citizen of their fleet with 110,000 miles, no power steering and only the ability to get up to 45 mph. With the Kansas wind pushing it back, we could only get to 35 mph and the rain was starting to move in.

We called U-haul to swap out trucks but received little sympathy from them. So we sat, waiting and wondering, with a huge load of architectural items, old 3-wheel adult trikes, cabinets and assorted doors and furniture, hoping we'd make it back to Denver some time this month.

U-haul is off my good list.

The site we rented at claims they're not responsible and the main number for this city gets us to someone who is obviously not up for any Customer Service Agent of the Year award. We were routed and rerouted with answers vague and rampant avoidance. No one was able to offer any answers or advice, even though (or because?) they already had our $979 in their cash registers.

Did I mention that U-haul is off my good list?

After endless calls I finally found Shannon in the U-haul office in Wichita and she has saved the day and the reputation of the company. We were finally on the road again.

{The sweet rewards of manual labor!}

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