Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Early Morning Thoughts

I'm venturing out again now,
testing my endurance and navigating skills.

Though I'm not as strong and sure as I was,
there is a challenge to every day
that I enjoy meeting.

I took my market basket and started out into my brave new world.

I found several lovely items for my little shop
and stopped in to arrange them

It was early and quiet and calm.
Sunlight hitting the front windows at a new angle and lending a different aura.

I lit the pretty mercury glass lamps and admired the soft glow they cast.

I love to putter early,
before anyone else is about . . .

Just touching
 these treasures from 100 years or more ago
starts me musing about
their histories . . .

What hands have touched these ironstone bowls
silver inkwells
old photo developing frames?

Who has opened and closed those peely shutters?
Against what storms of life . . . 

What Brittish market or apothecary shop used this little scale
to weigh out goods for a home maker?
What home will harbor it next . . 
Where has it resided in between . . .
What stories could it tell?

Each piece is precious in some way
because it holds those stories,
and because it will accumulate

Only time will tell

who will own this treasure next . . .

Will they think of it like I do?

I love my work!

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