Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Fourth Celebration

 Fourth of July

My birthday is July 6th.
When I was little, my mother would promise that we would have 
for my birthday!

I truly thought those fireworks were in my honor!

I don't know how many years she got away with that . . . 

OK, so I was a little naive
and truly,
did I care???

There were millions of people in the park, and they were all celebrating 

I was thrilled and delighted!

The fireworks were so big and bright and beautiful
and I was so happy!

We'd take a blanket and lie back and stare up at the sky . . . 

We packed a picnic basket of treats

and there were Popsicles
and lemonade
and peanuts in the shells

and patriotic music

life was very, very good!

July 4th was the "kickoff" to my birthday . . .
the before party

What a way to enjoy being a kid!

Happy Fourth!

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