Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That Time of The Year

How the year is flying by . . . just when I'm in the part of the year I enjoy the most! Autumn is my season to evaluate my progress for the year, walk outdoors and observe the color changes, remind myself to say more prayers of thanksgiving and take a deep breath and appreciate how blessed I am.
This change in our daylight and leaf color slow me down and cause me to take notice of where I am, both physically and spiritually. There is a subtle change in my thought process and energy level and a renewed desire to cook and to feather my nest. I always experience an urge to be out with the old and in with the new . . . like you feel when you know it's time for spring cleaning and throwing open the windows. No doubt this is built into us, and has to do with the importance of harvesting and canning and stockpiling firewood, and storing up for winter. These preparations were required for our ancestors who did not have the convenience of living within walking distance of King Soopers or the bus stop. Nearly everything is accessible to me, year 'round, and still I experience a 'gathering and stockpiling' sort of mood.
I awoke this morning to frosty windows and a beautiful covering of snow on the ground, accompanied by that peaceful quiet we get in Colorado when it snows. A sort of insulation from the usual morning sounds. The birds are already hunkered down in their properly insulated nests and the squirrels have their acorns cupboards stocked. I suspect that some of my neighbors managed to find a reason not to leave their houses this morning . . . staying in their p.j.'s with an extra cup of coffee and a good book . . . just to celebrate the change of weather.
I have no doubt there will be another warm, sunny, Indian summer sort of spell, following this cold snap . . . . because that's Colorado, after all . . . .
but for now, I'm content to take a day off, watch a few home decorating programs and sort out my paperwork in my home office. I'm simmering some homemade soup on the stove and thinking about Patina's "Christmas Open House", the first weekend of November.
There is much that must be accomplished to be out with the autumn decor and have Christmas ready for our retail customers to peruse. Ah . . . another new beginning to contemplate!


  1. Just came by to say hello. Wonderful pictures as always!!! Bet you are busy getting the shop ready for Christmas.

  2. So fun! Just received my Jan/Feb Victoria and saw your shop listed. Think I know where I am headed on my next day off!



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