Friday, February 20, 2009

Delight Your Senses

If you live in the Denver area, or are visiting the city, I invite you to stop into Patina Antiques and Home for a delightful sensory experience. The shop is humming with activity. Each day we unload and introduce a variety of fresh finds, build inviting displays and create a unique shopping experience for our guests. There's a hint of excitement in the air, because we never tire of hearing comments like, "WOW - how do you find all of these beautiful things?", and "I love the way you display things - it's inspiring!" When we hear that, we know we've succeeded in our mission, because at Patina, we make a concerted effort to excite, inspire and delight all of your senses. From the background music to the seasonal treats to the general eye candy, we want Patina to become your happy place.
Personally, I love the hunt! I shop the countryside, searching for just the right items to please my most discriminating customers and friends. With the help of a few trusted pickers, I have access to further reaches than I could ever cover on my own. A French baby bathtub from the 1920's, French baguette trays and bread boards, English ironstone pitchers and bowls, European watering cans and hat molds are just a few of the many exquisite finds from over seas. There are almost too many things to explore in just one visit . . . . with every turn revealing more and more vintage and antique treasures.
In addition to the old, we have chosen a select group of 'found objects', those just too wonderful pieces of nature that blend so perfectly with your other furnishings. Birds nests, African porcupine quills, ostrich eggs, sea shells, heart shaped stones, tiny bird eggs, ferns pressed in picture frames . . . . an ever changing assortment of collections to entice you. Imagine a coffee table display: a silver tray, layered with an 1800's white platter, filled with moss, fern and a birds nest, which, in turn, is filled with tiny antique photographs. . . . and topped with a large glass cloche for protection. Or, you might like a stack of leather books creating an elevation to set off a silver pedestal candy dish, filled with antique typewriter keys. The possibilities are endless . . . . A visit to Patina will definitely inspire you to think differently about using your antiques in a fresh and up to the minute way. You're invited . . . . stop by any day, Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 10 and 5. We're ready for you!

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