Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to Antiques By Joy!

Have you ever noticed that some people know all of their lives what they're meant to be? They have an early affinity for that certain something that defines their vocation and avocation. I have known since I was a child that I wanted, needed, to surround myself with the simple and beautiful handmade items of the past. For as long as I can remember, I have been touched by the collective spirit and voice of women when I pick up the daily household items they have created, used and cherished.
My grandmother was an antiques dealer. I followed her from shop to auction to barn sale and attic while she examined and purchased hand painted china, crystal, and exquisite items. My interests were simpler . . . . not the fancy wares she so admired, but chunky yelloware, oak splint baskets, carved wooden dough bowls and rough loomed fabrics. I recall her asking if I didn't like this delicate stemware or that fancy teapot, (with a wistfulness that I might fall in love with the treasures that touched her heart). I could appreciate their value . . . . but it was the arduously pieced scrap quilts and the hand-lettered produce stand signs that drew me into a reverie of days gone by.
She would be happy to know, many years later, that I too, collect and love crystal and silver and beautiful lace. My penchant is for those handmade treasures ranging in age from the days before the Civil War until the Great Depression.
I've been buying and loving and selling antiques since 1978, and my business has evolved to include my retail shop, my styling business and my webstore. It's always been my joy to share my finds with kindred spirits. Log on and post your comments . . . . the journey is the pleasure!

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