Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Looking For Answers

There has been a 
tremendous response 
to my blog posts about finding your 
 and doing what brings you fulfilment in life!
Thanks for following along and sharing your desire to succeed in your retail endeavors.

Our lives can be
in so many respects:
faith, family, health, contentment, friendship, career . . . 

My focus is in regard to 
That field where you are happy to spend time every day, smelling the flowers.

 I'm talking about a real business career. 
 The kind that will support you if all other sources of income are taken away and you're relying solely on your business to pay your mortgage and all your other bills,
in addition to supporting itself.
The kind of income you can build a life on.

A lifetime ago, I began my business with practically no resources and no experience.
OK, delete "practically".

What I did have was boundless energy, cockeyed optimism, determination and passion for my dream.
Because I had no one to turn to for advice, I stumbled into every pitfall
 and encountered every setback a small business could endure.
Bruised but determined, I took each mudslide in stride and forged on.
It's almost impossible to build a successful business today it that manner.
With the Internet bringing your competition right to your customers' fingertips,
the playing field is not the same.

Even forty years ago, the better way to succeed would have been

 follow a responsible business plan
  consult an experienced entrepreneur 
on the finer points of
 marketing, buying, display, customer satisfaction, closing the sale, employees
and so on.
Today, that's imperative!

Lack of knowledge in
these areas is why most small retailers close their shops within two years.
Two years and all their resources, (often borrowed money), are forfeited.

Then, there are those wonderful little retail shops that thrive and prosper and make you think,
"WOW - I wish  . . . "

If you're one of those people
designed to be in business
you may be wondering how to get where you want to be.

I am here to help you do that.

I've seen women with little experience,
 working on a shoestring budget
 get what they're looking for in business - with the right coaching.

Are you the owner of a small business that's all you ever dreamed it would be?

Would you be happier with more profit and fewer headaches?
Are you looking at the competition and thinking you're missing what it takes to stay ahead?
Wondering why some businesses take off and soar to the top?
Are you counting the number of "lookers" versus the number of "purchasers"?
Are you wishing your average sale was larger?
Can you discern at what point your shopper has emotionally become a purchaser?

Do you overcome objections and close the sale?

You can look for answers to these and all your questions here.

If you're reading this blog and thinking,
then you can move to the next level in growing your business
with some time and trial tested consultation and coaching from a forty year professional.

Follow The REAL JOY as we begin to answer real questions readers are asking!

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  1. Thanks so much for this post and for the wonderful pep talk you provided me in Dwell yesterday. Bless you for being so supportive to others!



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